Working as DevOps Freelancer

  • Working with Terraform Infrastructures into AWS environments. Adding updates and support.


  • Configured Cloudformation, S3 buckets, Monitoring Cloud Watch, Testing AWS resources ingestion, maintenance of automated testing code in Python.

Specialist IT

  • Implemented Virtual Machines on Premise, Moodle server to track Portal Education.

DevOps Engineer

  • Supported GCP, Azure env. Upgrade environments. Support of developer/QA teams. Generated VPNs. Admin backups and snapshots. Monitoring with Grafana, Prometheus, Papertrail. Create pipelines in Terraform to add them to unitests. Create Dynamic infrastructures using Consul

QA Engineer

  • Performance tests. Integration testing (microservices) . Postman to test endpoints, JMeter to test endpoints. Jira tools. Admin and support QA environments, used Docker compose and Kubernetes. Support to Clients with issues, analyze MySQL and MongoDB.